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Wet walls? Let’s work it out!

TELEPHONE: +36 70/233 6500

Are wet walls making your life difficult?

The most common source of moisture in masonry is the capillary rise of water into the building structures or the lateral pressure of water when building on a slope, or a combination of both. Another cause is incorrect or no ventilation of the building, for example after insulating older buildings. When completely insulated, the vents that used to serve for air circulation are also covered and the limited circulation then leads to the moistening of masonry. Another reason for the moistening of masonry can be damaged plumbing or sewer, which manifests differently than the classic capillary rise of moisture, namely by the spread of wet stains from one point in all directions.

Our approach

Prior to any remediation, the customer is visited by our specialist who evaluates the situation in situ, measures the moisture of the masonry using a special device and suggests the optimal course of action for remediation. This is followed by a quotation and preparation of a draft works contract. Prior to the actual injection grouting, in some cases it is necessary to remove the plaster all the way to the bricks or whatever other material was used for the masonry.  This method can also be applied to stone walls. After dehumidification, we recommend applying regular lime-cement plaster to the masonry; however, we do not recommend rushing this phase. The drying time may take anywhere between one month up to two years, depending on the thickness of the masonry and whether the wall is below or above ground level. The follow-up inspection then takes place several months after the remediation. This method can be successfully applied to walls with thickness of up to 150 cm. The substance is patented, non-toxic, and odourless, it contains silver and acts as a prevention against mould in the future.

Protection against moisture in walls by injecting Axall gel with fast response and long-lasting effects.


Hundreds of successful remediations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary speak for themselves. 

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