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Wet walls? Let’s work it out!

TELEPHONE: +36 70/233 6500

The fastest way to get rid of wet masonry

We will show you how to quickly and efficiently treat damp masonry to keep it dry for a long time using unique German patented technology, for which we are the sole agent in the Slovak Republic and Hungary.

Warranty for up to 30 years thanks to patented German technology

If a smell of staleness and mould spreads through a structure, wet stains start appearing on the walls, the paint peels off or, a worst case scenario, the plaster and masonry crack or fall off, it is time to look into the cause.

Wet or damp masonry in buildings is currently a very common problem. It starts with small cracks, cavities or changes to structure that may gradually expand over time, disrupting the overall structure of the building. In addition to the occurrence of mould and reduced strength, damp masonry also causes reduction in thermal insulation properties or irreversible chemical changes in the masonry.

Our approach

Consultation with a technician

Prior to any remediation, our specialist technician will determine the condition of your masonry, using state-of-the-art equipment.

Calculation and contract

Based on the exact values measured by our technician, we will prepare a quotation for the remediation.


We will carry out the remediation within a specifically agreed time. We arrange appointments as soon as possible.

Delivery of work

Once the work is completed, we check everything thoroughly. Then we provide you with a certificate confirming the warranty.


We check the work we performed. Within a reasonable time period of completing the remediation, we will carry out a humidity inspection.

Our mission is for as many families as possible to live in a healthy house.


Hundreds of successful remediations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary speak for themselves. 

What our clients have to say about us

“I am big on quality and professional approach. I was very happy with Axall, I especially appreciated their promptness, willingness and overall approach to their work.”

Andrea, Šaľa, Slovakia

“Axall was recommended to me by an acquaintance of mine. After I contacted them, they sent a technician the very next day and started the work within a week. I am very happy and can recommend them.”

Igor, Ružomberok, Slovakia

“We live in an older house and we were trying to solve a problem of damp walls for a long time. Luckily, I found Axall after searching the Internet and they helped us solve our problem. ”

Ján, Zlaté Moravce, Slovakia

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+36 70/233 6500


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